Special events


Guy Môquet

Every November, a ceremony is organized by the school to remember those fallen during the two World Wars and related to Carnot like Roger Bouvet, a teacher and member of the Resistance or Guy Môquet, a 17-year-old communist pupil. Both were killed by the Nazis during the Second World War.

Métisse - Mathieu Kassovitz - Poster

The school setting is also used in films, short films or series. For example, some of the scenes in Mathieu Kassovitz’s movie Métisse were shot in the school hall.

Givenchy 2012-2013 fashion show

Givenchy fashion show

The Eiffel Hall has also welcomed several fashion shows. Each year, famous creators or designers choose the majestic hall as a catwalk. This year, Givenchy models paraded up and down the runway for the Spring Summer 2013 collection.

Every year students celebrate the carnival called “Carnoval”. On Shrove Tuesday students are allowed not to attend classes. All the pupils come to school wearing fancy dresses. This kind of occasion creates a festive atmosphere Carnot. The pupils feel they belong to a real community.

Carnoval 1Carnoval

On «Terminales’» Day at the end of the senior year, the students who will leave the school after graduating can behave as they fancy. They often display great imagination: many students come to school wearing fancy dresses. Sometimes, they even bring animals like goats or chickens! In the evening, students attend a prom.